WHINN TECH Talks: Data-driven Technologies in Healthcare 
Presented by Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster x Health Tech Hub Copenhagen

The Panel

Jesper Grønbaek, CEO, Health Tech Hub Copenhagen
Jesper Grønbaek is a health tech entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Health Tech Hub Copenhagen, a hub that works with ambitious digital health startups improving health globally. Jesper has strong expertise within the healthtech startup ecosystem, including an extensive knowledge of the current barriers and opportunities when it comes to developing, implementing and scaling data-driven startup solutions in Denmark and globally.

Specialist areas: Startup ecosystem, Startup challenges, Startup growth.


Carsten Obel, Professor, Aarhus University 
Carsten Obel is Professor of General Medicine and Mental Child Health at the Department of General Medicine, Department of Public Health, Aarhus University. Carsten has extensive experience in planning and conducting a number of Danish cohort studies and driving several databases and digital health initiatives across national and Nordic borders such as the Nordic Life Course Research Initiative and Nordic Health 2030. Carsten is further leading the Danish projects HealthD360 and Coronalytics, where consent-based democratic health models link patients' self-generated health data with register data.

Specialist areas: Research, innovation and operation – data-driven healthcare solutions of tomorrow


Charlotte Bagger Tranberg, Managing Associate and specialist in Data Protection, Bech-Bruun
Charlotte Bagger Tranberg is presently one of the leading data protection law specialists in Denmark. After having completed her PhD in data protection law in 2006, Charlotte has worked intensively with this field of law, and has, among others, been one of the authors behind Data Saves Lives’ legal assessment on better use of health data (2019). She has knowledge of all aspects of the complicated rules regarding personal data and has advised public authorities and private companies. Charlotte has special expertise in global strategies for processing personal data as well as areas where processing of personal data takes place in complex systems or using new technologies.

Specialist areas: Health law and personal data law - new technology and use of health data

Lars Hulbaek, Director, MedCom
Lars Hulbaek is CEO in MedCom – a non-profit organization, owned and funded by the Ministry of Health, Danish Regions and KL. Lars has extensive experience in national dissemination of telemedicine and data-exchange between GPs, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies and municipalities and is member of several national steering- and working groups in Danish eHealth. In addition, Lars has in-depth knowledge of the link in the collaborative healthcare system when developing and disseminating cross-sectoral digital communication solutions.

Specialist areas: The digital and collaborative healthcare system


WHINN TECH Talks: Data-driven Technologies in Healthcare In collaboration with Health Tech Hub Copenhagen, Danish Healthtech and the partnership Data Saves Lives, Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster invites you to join us for a WHINN TECH Talk moderated by Line Gade, podcast host on ‘Health Visions’ and a prominent voice on the digital health scene in Denmark.

We will take the pulse of how Danish innovators are using health data and technology to create better health. Is the Danish healthcare system geared towards using new technologies and the potentials in the data generated? Where are the good cases and who are the rising startups that can help drive the healthcare system into an even more digitized and data-driven reality?

Join us for an exciting afternoon with innovative start/scale ups from the Danish healthtech scene and a digital panel of experts in a session of real-life problem solving and learnings.


First Half TECH TALKS by Start Ups
15.00 - 15.05 Welcome by Thomas Rosenfeldt, Director, Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster / Data Saves Lives
15.05 - 15.10 Welcome and introduction to WHINN TECH Talks by Line Gade, Moderator
15.10 - 16.10

TECH Talks:
- Drugstars
- Cerebriu
- Cellari
- Ventriject
- Teal Medical

16.10 - 16.20 Short break
Second Half
Expert Panel
Problem-solving with digital expert panel
16.20 - 16.50 Problem solving between the digital panel and TECH-innovators.
  Facilitators addresses common opportunities/challenges and panel rasises potential solitions
16.50 - 16.55 Rounding of session - what have we learned today? by Line Gade, Moderator
16.55 - 17.00 Closing remarks by Thomas Rosenfeldt, Director, Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster / Data Saves Lives


Only 40 seats for physical event!

When: 24th November 2020 - 15.00-17.00 

Where: Teknologisk Institut, Forskerparken 10F, 5230 Odense M and Digital

Language: English

No Show fee at DKK 500 + VAT for physical attendance.

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