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This years WHINN (Week of Health and INNovation) conference is bringing together one of the most innovative groups of healthcare professionals, across an international audience, championing Better Healthcare through Future Technology

A comprehensive and dynamic solution

Healthcare provision and social services are facing major challenges. Our population is growing, and we are living longer. As a direct result, our demands for health and social care are increasing. At the same time, healthcare providers must ensure access to high-quality and safe healthcare services, a good working environment and satisfied patients and consumers who want to become more involved and are demanding new ways to interact. This requires a completely new model for the delivery of healthcare and social services.

Cambio delivers innovative solutions that connect organisations across entire regions and joins up patients, health and social care providers. Understanding consumers, patients, and care providers, as well as the latest technology, is the key to successful innovation. Cambio has longevity, experience and a deep understanding of how healthcare and social services function across the Nordics.

We know that the best way to support a specialised area of a hospital is to recognise the need for specialised solutions, providing them with comprehensive, interactive and dynamic patient-centric data-driven insights. A holistic view with easy access to information, in any required resolution; viewing and updating what is needed in any given patient situation including relevant and customised clinical decision tools.


Tina Engkær Martin
Commercial Coordinator
+45 4190 2033

Cambio, following its summer acquisition of Daintel, has recognised this and is further developing its now enlarged CIS suite of solutions across numerous hospital sites, investing in a tried and tested implementation approach and support delivery, derived from an international client base across multiple specialist departments, ICU - NICU - Anaesthesia - Recovery and more.

With more than 15 years’ experience in delivering results, quality and data-driven insights into a patients’ wellbeing, the CIS solution is designed to process, manage and deliver data from more than 900 types of bedside medical devices, across multiple manufacturers, continually evolving to match the ever-increasing challenges being met by our customers.

Our solutions achieve greater efficiency and better outcomes, with equal access to healthcare and social services no matter where people live. To cement our role in the new health and social care landscape, Cambio is ready to help link people and information, inspired by images of networks, connectivity, blood flow and nerve pathways.

Cambio Healthcare Systems is a company that delivers products and services to the e-healthcare market. We are one of the largest suppliers in Scandinavia and a growing player in the European market, with more than 100,000 users across general and university hospitals, health centres and specialist units. We are growing continuously and now have over 700 employees in our offices in Aarhus, Lyngby, Linköping (SE), Stockholm (SE), Reading (UK) and Colombo (Sri Lanka). We are specialists in the e-healthcare sector.