Introduction of the first chairs at WHINN 2002
Welcome to Finn and Randi

To ensure the best possible content in our program, we have invited a number of high-level profiles to be chairs on our tracks for WHINN 2020

As always, we have prominent chairs at the municipal, regional and national levels.

Here we will present the first 2 chairs, both of which will work with the track 'Education and Competences' (Danish Track):

  • Randi Brinckmann, Dean of The Faculty of Health at University College Copenhagen, Denmark
    As dean of The Faculty of Health at University College Copenhagen, Randi focus on creating healthcare educations that enable the students to become active co-creators and re-neweres of the society in which they will be practicing their professions. 

  • Finn Olesen, Associate Professor, Department of Culture and Communication - Information Science, Aarhus University, Denmark
    Finn Olesen’s research focuses on philosophical and sociological studies of science and technology and explores the socio-technical development of practice in the healthcare system and the welfare state. He is a lecturer, teacher, ph.d supervisor, and holds seats in both regional and local committees of education in health related organizations.