Guides will lead the way on WHINN EXHIBITION 2019
Let us introduce you to the latest technology solutions and your potential partners in the exhibition.

Let us introduce you to the latest technology solutions and your potential partners in the exhibition. Welfare Tech employees offer guided tours of the exhibition at WHINN 2019.

WHINN EXHIBITION 2019 is packed with new knowledge, new solutions, and inspiration.

To ensure that participants get the most out of the exhibition and meet the right potential partners, Welfare Tech arranges guided tours in the exhibition area. The tours will take place during WHINN - Week of Health and Innovation in Odense on November 20. and 21. The guide concept has been popular with guests over the past few years, says Michaela Andersen, director of WHINN.

- It can be a challenge to find out where to start when presented with an exhibition full of exciting stands. In order to spend the time effectively - and to ensure that the participants do not miss out on an interesting meeting - we offer to show them around to relevant locations and give a short presentation of exhibitors within the individual visitor's area of ​​interest, explains Michaela Andersen.

Dive into your area and make new contacts
Participants are shown around by Welfare Tech employees who know the opportunities each exhibitor can provide. The tour groups are divided into the themes of four of the conference tracks offered at WHINN 2019:

  • Digital health
  • Home based healthcare
  • Robots and drones
  • Easy and equal access to care

- On a guided tour, guests get a quick overview of leading health and welfare technology products and solutions in their particular area. You will not miss a good business opportunity, and you can choose which exhibitors you want to return to later, explains Michaela Andersen.

Network on tour
The tour groups are an obvious opportunity to expand your network.

- The people we guide around often move in the same business circles because the groups are thematically divided. This means that there is always talk among the participants and you get to discuss current challenges and ideas with others as you walk around. A guided tour is a good place to meet new contacts, says Michaela Andersen

The guided tours are included in the programs for the various conference tracks on November 20 and 21, 2019. Participants can join free of charge and without obligation in one or more thematic tours, both morning and afternoon.

Only registered participants at WHINN can participate in the tours. Registration for guided tours is done together with registration for WHINN 2019. 

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