Digital Health at WHINN - Wednesday
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The morning session on the Digital Health track focuses on the use of virtual reality and augmented reality within medicine. VR and AR were once just hype but are now being used in many areas of the healthcare industry. The session explores its uses in operations planning, rehabilitation, treatment and therapy, as well as education among others. Furthermore, VR and AR can be used on patients of all ages, and can therefore help treat diseases such as brain damage, social anxiety and many more possibilities beyond this.

The session is opened by track chair John Crawford followed by a speak by Dr. Austin Gibbs about tendencies and trends within AR/VR. This will be followed by 2 cases using the technology for educational purposes from the social care sector and a hospital, followed by a short break with the possibility for a guided tour of the exhibition area with a focus on VR/AR. After the break, 2 cases about the use of VR/AR in rehabilitation of patients with brain injuries are presented followed by 3 company demos with the chance of experiencing the technology.

By attending this session, you will gain inspiration from multiple places within the healthcare sector, and their experience with using technology in different aspects of health. You will also gain insight into VR/AR through speaks and cases that show the technology in action.

So, if this sounds like something for you, Attend WHINN and explore the possibilities of VR/AR on the Digital Health track.


The afternoon session on the Digital Health track is a continuation of the theme VR/AR in healthcare, but with different activities, presentations and speaks.

The session starts off with a presentation about how VR is used in the treatment of eating disorders and anxiety, and how it is used in the prevention of young people’s alcohol consumption. iMotion will be presenting their research in VR and the use of biosensors to showcase how to measure anxiety and predictive behavior. During this session you will hear presentations from Lars Clemmensen from the Region of Southern Denmark, Mike Thomsen and Tue Hvass Petersen from iMotion A/S and Patricia Bianca Lyk from the University of Southern Denmark.

This will be followed by two presentations about the future of VR/AR, one with a focus on clinical use, presented by Prof. Shafi Ahmed, and one with a focus on company use presented by EON Reality. Both speakers have extensive experience with the technology and are top choices to present the future possibilities of VR/AR within healthcare. So be ready to be inspired.

In conclusion, if you are interested in how VR is used in treatment and prevention and would like to know more about the future of VR/AR, this is the place to be.

Target group
This track is for everyone interested in using and gaining benefits from health technology. Clinicians, patients, patient associations, social care workers, educational institutions, students or people working with health care technology may have particular interest in this track.