Digital Health at WHINN - Thursday
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The second theme on the Digital Health track this year is “Digital Therapeutics”, which focuses on the possibilities to prescribe health technology as an alternative or supplement to medicine in the treatment of specific illnesses. Apps and wearables are being used more and more within digital health and are becoming increasingly used by patients to monitor their health and reach their goals. We will explore and convey cases where technology has been used, and academics, company representatives as well as health professionals using these technologies will be available to talk about the different experiences.

The session will start with an opening keynote by Dr. Joseph C. Kvedar from the Harvard Medical School, who will introduce the subject of digital therapeutics. Afterwards, a presentation about user-driven design in health technology will follow by Prof. Harold Thimbleby from the Swansea University.

After a short break, the last point on the session agenda is the HIMMS session. HIMSS, a global advisor within health tech and innovation will lead a discussion about Digital Transformation: What does success look like and how do we get there? The state and opportunities of Digital Therapeutics will be discussed by experts Dr. Joseph Kvedar, Prof. Harold Thimbleby, Brian Hedegaard and Liz Ashall-Payne from ORCHA, UK. They will be presented with short company pitches within the area of Digital Therapeutics.


The afternoon session on the Digital Health track is a continuation of the theme Digital Therapeutics, but with different activities, presentations and speaks.

The session is started off with a presentation about Rehabilitation and AI from DigiRehab that has developed a solution for healthcare. This is followed by a presentation about Remote Rehabilitation and how it should embrace cross-sectional healthcare pathways, by Carsten Jensen from the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark. Afterwards we get a case presentation by Kerrie Hauge from GE Healthcare about where Human Intelligence meets AI and how to use the massive amounts of collected data for prevention and treatment. The session is rounded off by an inspirational and entertaining presentation about the future of health technology by Professor at DTU, Jan Madsen.

So, if you are interested in digital therapeutics, digital rehabilitation, the role that AI plays in this field as well as the future of health technology, the Thursday afternoon session at the Digital Health track at WHINN is the place to be.

Target group
This track is for everyone interested in using and gaining benefits from health technology. Clinicians, patients, patient associations, social care workers, educational institutions, students or people working with health care technology may have particular interest in this track.