A suggestion to why you should attend WHINN
Are you a nurse or clinician wondering if WHINN is the place to be for you?

Are you a nurse or clinician wondering if WHINN is the place to be for you? In this article, we meet a nurse and a laboratory director, both first-time attendees at WHINN, who share their reasons to attend WHINN, and their thoughts on why other nurses and clinicians should do the same.

WHINN – Week of Health and INNovation is a health tech conference – this year with a focus on Better Healthcare Through Future Technology.

Development Nurse at Odense University Hospital, Anette Wulff Christiansen, and Laboratory Director at the Hospital of South West Jutland, Mads Nybo, both attend the WHINN conference for the first time this year. Both are attending WHINN because innovation within health and technology is a very important part of their work: “I have to be very innovative and assess whether or not something can be used across and if we can bring in new things” Mads Nybo states.

In his position, Mads Nybo manages a group of laboratories that work together transversely. Mads Nybo explains that he not only has to manage and run these laboratories, but he also has to “think transversely in order to see the connection between the laboratories … can you use some techniques, some equipment, a philosophy or some material from one laboratory in the rest of them, so that all can benefit from it”.

One of the main events at WHINN for Mads Nybo is the track about robots, AI and drones, areas which he also works with. Mads states that he is interested in this area, both because there has been a lot of talk in the laboratory sector about the use of drones to transport tests and other things between hospitals, and also because he and his team has just filed an application for a large AI project.

Another big reason why Mads Nybo has chosen to attend WHINN in 2019 is the general dialog about innovation. Mads states that he has heard about people who have attended previous WHINN events who have met interesting profiles or encountered something else that they have never seen before.

The networking aspect of WHINN is another big reason why Mads Nybo has decided to attend WHINN this year. It is very important for Mads to try and find new people and new places to aid new ideas. As Mads Nybo states “If you usually do, what you usually do, then you get what you usually get”.


Anette Wulff Christiansen’s main reason for attending WHINN 2019 is also focused around innovation. Like Mads Nybo, Anette Wulff Christiansen’s position is also transverse. A big part of her job is to “support the staff with e.g. implementation of new initiatives across the entire department. I also have a lot to do with the introduction of new employees and instructions, actually with everything behind how we communicate with patients”. Anette furthermore states that she works a lot with inspiring her colleagues to get started on using new initiatives and that she attends WHINN 2019 to get inspiration and to stay up to date with what is happening in her area and how health professionals work within it. She attends to stay ahead regarding how she and her colleagues can do things better, bothers their patients less and learn to more easily communicate with them.

Anette Wulff Christiansen first became aware of WHINN from a colleague of hers, who had attended WHINN with regards to her Ph.D.: “She had attended WHINN, and I heard about it from her and since we are constantly trying to grow and evolve, I thought attending could be very interesting” Anette states. Anette ads that it is our responsibility to discover how things work, and that things do not hand themselves to us.

When asked what they hope to take with them from WHINN 2019, both Mads Nybo and Anette Wulff Christiansen say “inspiration”. Mads hope to have an epiphany-like experience, experiences that make you go “that was a good idea” or “we need to check that out”. Anette states that she hopes to get inspiration in the shape of what she and her colleagues can work towards to both achieve a smarter way of communicating with patients, but also about how the departments care for patients.

When asked if he thinks he can recommend WHINN for other health professionals in similar positions to his own, his overall response is yes. Since he has not attended WHINN before he only has the conference program and other publically available information about the conference. It is, however, his opinion, that because the program is very “all-round” with many different areas for attendees to dive into, he finds it very interesting and states that “most Danish health professionals could benefit from participating in events like this”.

So there you have it if you are a nurse, clinician or any other health professional for that matter, and you cannot see why you should attend WHINN, I hope you this have given you some reasons.

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