A General Practitioner’s take on WHINN and why others should attend
Why should you attend WHINN 2019?

Are you as a general practitioner wondering if you will gain anything from attending the WHINN conference? In this article, we hear from a GP who has attended WHINN earlier and will be again this year. He has shared his thoughts about WHINN, why he attends and what he has been able to take with him from WHINN earlier.

General practitioner and former WHINN attendee, Hans Eguia, works as a medical specialist in general medicine at Lægehuset Rudkøbing and has a master's degree in telemedicine. Hans has worked as a GP in Spain, England, and Denmark, and he also speaks at international medical conferences and publishes scientific articles in various publications.

Hans that he is attending because there is a lot going on about e-health and technology within health, which he thinks is very interesting. Hans is of the opinion that health tech is not just the future, it is also part of the present, and he as a GP wants to know more of the technology currently available, so that more patients can benefit from it.

Hans attended WHINN 2017, where it was also the large presence of health tech that attracted him. What WHINN did for Hans was give him a clearer view of what is out there. Hans also believes that general practitioners can do more than just see and help their patients. He states that he thinks GPs can work on other things too that can help patients and that he therefore thinks, that it is very important that GPs like himself attend conferences like WHINN where they can learn more about what is out there.

When asked if Hans can recommend WHINN to other general practitioners, his answer is a definite YES! Hans states that although a lot of WHINNs focus is on technology, you do not have to have a lot of expert knowledge to keep up, unlike a lot of other conferences and events with a tech focus.

So, there you go! If you as a GP are wondering whether or not attending WHINN 2019 would be beneficial for you, here are a few reasons for you to consider.