Here you will find all the information you need about WHINN - Week of Health and INNovation.

Due to Covid-19, WHINN 2020 will be held differently this year.

Like other conferences and events this year, we have found ourselves forced to find new solutions and initiatives in order to hold WHINN. This year will be different as we do not have the opportunity to gather it all in one place. However, we will hold digital events and a few, smaller physical events. Please see all the events below!

See the program here!

We still look forward to seeing you - both physically and digitally!

Most of our events will be in Danish, but please see the English events below. 

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at

(All events are free to attend - if you want food for Bits and Beers there will be a small payment).


What is WHINN?
WHINN is an international health tech and health innovation conference that includes side events, an exhibition, matchmaking and networking activities - all within health and innovation.

At WHINN you will gain new knowledge, inspiration and insight into the latest research and international trends.

What is in it for you? 
Unexpected encounters and new contacts, which can be the beginning of new business opportunities, new collaborations and new markets.
Most importantly, WHINN sets the stage for working together on solutions and improvements to the future of healthcare; all for a better world.

WHINN is a partnership between many local, national and international partners. We believe in various partnerships to be able to give our delegates the best programme with professional content that is targeted the specific audience.

Be inspired by new perspectives
WHINN creates meetings between CEOs and end users and between clinicians as well as decision makers.

In addition to talks, events and activities, we offer side events which feature state-of-the-art-technology in use; fascinating test laboratories where tomorrow’s health technology is being developed, as well as inspirational company visits.


  • WHINN Bridges Tech Needs with Tech Knowledge

All of this wrapped into a professional programme with the following tracks:

  • Data-driven Innovation
  • Future Health System - seen from the patient's eyes
  • Has COVID-19 paved the way for telemedicine implementation and anchoring?
  • Tech literacy and professional competence in the digitized healthcare system (Danish Track)

If you would like to see other topics, please contact us at